The Hawkeye brand has stood for a keen eye on detail and quality since 2002. 

We’re dedicated to helping authors of all types and experience get their work published. We’re not just here as a Bookstore, although getting you and your work out there is a big part of what we do. The services we provide are all about building your book, your brand, and
refining you as an author to make you as attractive as possible to readers and publishers.


Carolyn will always deliver a quality outcome within a deadline. She is a fantastic communicator with the ability to engage with any audience. Well worth the investment…

Michael Neilson, Manager, Newcastle NOW

I loved the news feature you did for me. It was so good I shared it to all my networks and it got 5,000 views in 3 hours…

C T Mitchell, International Bestselling Crime Author

I needed to create a professional cover letter / application and resume. Contacting Carolyn was the best thing I could have done. Being able to work alongside her was an absolute pleasure. I recommend Carolyn to everyone. I got the promotion!

Tahlia Williams

Our History

  1. 2002-2006: The Westerner Newspaper
  2. 2007-Current: Communications Consultancy specialising in Corporate Communications, Magazines & Newsletters, Resumes & Job Applications, Media, Marketing, Book Editing & Production.
  3. May 2019: Launched Hawkeye Books to offer readers a forum to locate the best independent books, and to raise the profile of those self-published authors who’ve gone the extra mile to ensure their book is professional.
  4. May 2019: Took on an I.T. Partner to offer authors cost-effective solutions. 

Hawkeye Publishing’s longevity and experience means we have several service streams. Check out the multiple services we provide on our website. We provide common services at standard rates which can be found on our Services Page.