Book Production

We will alleviate your headaches!
  • We help self-published authors spend money wisely to produce superior quality books.
  • Books are a low margin return. We’ll help ensure you don’t pay too much for the wrong thing, and not enough for the right.
  • We offer all page setting, production, digital distribution, and publicity services.
  • Free initial advice over the phone.
  • For comparative quotes from reputable providers we suggest you source recommended providers through The Alliance of Independent Authors.
  • You don’t have to have used our editing services to secure our production services, but please note that we do not provide production and distribution services to authors with manuscripts that fail to meet our quality expectations in terms of editing, proofreading and cover design. The Hawkeye name is only assigned to quality books.
  • You’ll love our book trailers.

Carolyn not only gets the job done correctly she follows things through and offers options. If you just want to be a writer and not suffer the ‘slings and arrows’ of getting your work published by traditional publishers then I commend Carolyn Martinez most highly.

Testimonial from author of ‘Cane Cutter’ Davide A. Cottone

Tip: Professional cover designers make a difference to your book, and often cost less than graphic designers because they’re quick. The cover on the left is designed by a graphic designer; they’ve done a nice job. But the cover on the right, designed by a Cover Designer, conforms to industry norms for the genre and leaps off the page.

ABOVE: Graphic Designer versus Cover Designer.