Since 2002 Hawkeye Publishing has stood for a keen eye on detail. From our earliest days as a newspaper publisher, through our growth as a communications consultancy, and now also as a publishing hub for authors.

Hawkeye Publishing accepts manuscript submissions from authors in two ways.

Our Self-Publishing Assessment Service reviews your work and reports back to you:

  • Your work’s publish-readiness, and if it isn’t quite ready, what you need to do to get there. Our editors are industry professionals.
  • The best tools to enable you to self-publish your work – page layout, cover design, ebook conversion, digital distribution, recommended printers.
  • Where required, reputable and cost-effective contractors to perform the elements of the work you wish to sub-contract.
  • Advice on distribution.
  • Enhancements to your book launch and marketing plan.

Hawkeye Publishing Pty Ltd is passionate about protecting the integrity of the self-publishing industry. Authors who publish inferior quality text, covers and blurbs make the industry difficult for all – and disappoint readers. A BIG pat on the back to you for taking the steps needed to ensure that your self-published book is the absolute best it can be. Traditionally published books have an entire team polishing the book ready for publishing and distribution. Self-published authors need to replicate that team for their book as much as possible. Kudos to you for having the nouse to understand this – it shows you have a good understanding of the task you’ve set yourself. We’re here to help you ensure that any financial investment you make maximises your net return, and that you don’t waste money where some self-publishers often get caught out.

To have Hawkeye assess your work’s readiness send your:

  • Author bio (max. 300 words)
  • 1 page synopsis (must include all main characters, word count, genre, major theme, story arc, and the book’s ending – we need enough information to assess your book’s plot)
  • 1-page marketing plan, and
  • The first 50 pages (12 times new roman, one and a half line spaced). Or for picture books, the full script.

We offer this service for $195, and we stand by the importance of this value-for-money stage in your self-publishing journey. Email us through the contact form in the first instance, or phone Carolyn Martinez on 0407 154 663.

Once you’ve used this assessment service, and as long as you heed our major recommendations to produce a quality book, you are eligible to be promoted through Hawkeye Books on an ongoing basis. The Hawkeye Books website offers authors their own author page, as well as bookstore, events, news, and mentions in social media and newsletters. First-time authors could utilise this low-cost, search-engine-optimised service in lieu of creating and maintaining their own website.

Submitting a Manuscript for Representation by Hawkeye:

Hawkeye Publishing is currently accepting submissions for:
Adult Non-Fiction
Adult Faction (fiction inspired by true events)
Junior Reader Non-Fiction
YA Non-Fiction, and 
Serialised YA or Junior Reader Fiction.

Most titles submitted to us for consideration are not quite ready for publication. Prior to submitting your work for consideration you should have undergone considerable research on show not tell, writing in deep point of view, your genre norms, removing redundant words from your prose, and active versus passive perspective. You should have utilised your experienced BETA reader network, and self-edited to the absolute best of your ability. Your manuscript is 12 point Times New Roman, one and a half line spaced, with first line paragraph indents.

For us to invest our own money and time in promoting your book, it is going to be because we believe you’re a bestseller in the making. You will be an active reader, reading current award winners and bestsellers in your genre. Understand, we’re not giving contracts to great work. We’re looking for Superior, and currently marketable.

If you believe your manuscript is the gold we’re looking for, and you want a team of committed professionals working with you to maximise your book’s potential and reach, touch base in the first instance through the Contact Form. Reading unsolicited manuscripts is a time-consuming process. There is a $65 submission fee to have us consider your manuscript. Unlike other publishers, if your manuscript is not selected for publication, you will receive written advice detailing why, and what you could do to enhance your work’s potential.

If you have any questions, phone Director, Carolyn Martinez, on 0407 154 663 or email her through the Contact Form.